by Patrick Yeo

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sadboy from the quiet corner of CT singing my sadboy songs
Thank you for your support.


released July 15, 2014

recorded in various locations on my cell phone
Artwork: Patrick Yeo
Mastered by Ian Van Opijnen



all rights reserved


Patrick Yeo Thompson, Connecticut

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Track Name: 032814
You're so beautiful.
The way you say your words, oh
the way you style your hair and beard.
You're so beautiful

She's so beautiful,
You're so beautiful
And Im afraid when her eyes meet yours,
Oh yes I'm afraid when her eyes meet yours
I'll lose her to you

Because oh I know its true.
Oh yes I know its true.
Shell take you over me, you see
Oh I know its the truth

You see I'm me, what's so great?
broken, obsessed, confused and afraid
Oh what's so great about being with me?
I'm not beautiful

Oh, i knew it'd be you
3 months have passed, it was the truth
She took you over me, you see
Oh, I knew it'd be you
Track Name: Put Me To Sleep
I said, what's the point of living if youre waiting to the day you're in the ground or burned to ash.
Everyday i wake to the same permanent frown
Because if I'm this damn miserable at 20 how bad will I be when I hit my 40s
When "your world" is staring back at you with a agitated stare, what the fuck do you do?
Is there even any point to keep going on? What are we working for? I can't see enjoying my life anymore than I do right now.
Illl just keep getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse
And the words don't mean anything anymore, they're dried out, like me. I'm not trying anymore.
Put me to sleep. Out of misery, into the world of my dreams. Nothing will ever be so beautiful.
Track Name: She Hurt Too
And oh god I miss you
These past 3 months have been hard
And oh god I need you
But I'm afraid to tell you

And you're sitting in the next room
Probably hearing me sing
So oh god I miss you
But I'll never say

And I know that ive been weak, I just envy how strong. You. Are.
Just please don't forget me
Please don't forget the good times we had
Just please know I miss you
Please know I'm not mad

And to those who are listening
Know that Im not alone
In the pain and the suffering
yeah shes hurt too.

And oh god I need you
Or am I just caving in?
I know if I kiss you
The darkness will begin